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    Steel Fire Pits

    "Fine Art, Forged in Fire" 

    As the original creators of the steel log fire pits we have developed these artistic sculptures as an ideal combination of fine art and functionality. You can enjoy the beauty of a static fine art piece at one moment, and the warmth, ambience and entertainment of a dynamic campfire the next.

    Everyone enjoys the beauty and comfort of an outdoor campfire. But wood campfires can be messy, laborious and potentially dangerous. Finally, here is a way to have the wonderful ambience of a campfire without any of the hassle. 

    Our individually-sculptured log sets are fueled by natural or propane gas and crafted from heavy-duty steel. As a result, there are no sparks, ashes, smoke or soot. There is no chopping of firewood, struggling to light the fire, or messy cleanup. All you have to do is simply turn on the gas and ignite - it couldn't be easier!