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    Picture of  BEL Lamp

    BEL Lamp

    Morsø BEL lamp Welcome your guests – With a warn glow on those cold winter evenings Solid cast iron base and glass top Beautiful flames from bioethanol. Cozy atmosphere on the terrace on the warm summer evenings. Clean lines and elegant design
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    Picture of  Morsø Grill 71

    Morsø Grill 71

    Morsø Grill 71 -Iconic cast iron grill -Produced since 1971 -The strong cast iron grate is perfect for barbequing -Maintain heat longer -Nice grilling marks on the meat -Genius swing aside grill grate – away from the heat
    Picture of 6170 Morso Wood Stove Wall Mounted

    6170 Morso Wood Stove Wall Mounted

    As with all Morsø models, the Morsø 6100 series is constructed using only the highest quality recycled cast iron, the best material for wood-burning stove performance. Cast iron is robust and provides longevity and there are many design advantages of working in cast iron; it is a material that can be moulded into beautiful shapes such and rounded corners thus increasing decorative appeal. The interaction between light and shade can be enhanced to give this robust material a subtle gentleness. The innovative 6100 wood stove series offers unique style and is the epitome of contemporary stove design. The unique wall-mounted 6170 wood stove is elegant in style; it is compact yet highly efficient and features the characteristic oval design and large curved glass that distinguishes the 6100 series.
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    Picture of 8140 Wood Stove - Low Model

    8140 Wood Stove - Low Model

    The raw and distinctive structure of the cast iron gives the wood burning stove Morsø 8140 an appearance that is both rustic and exclusive. The large, slightly convex glass window provides a perfect view of the dancing flames. Clean lines and practical details Morsø 8140 is characterized by its pure and simple design. The combination of soft curves and simple details gives the stove a light and timeless appearance that can be enjoyed for many years to come.
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    Picture of 8142 Wood Stove - Higher Model with Drawer

    8142 Wood Stove - Higher Model with Drawer

    The wood burning stove Morsø 8142 is a tall and slim cast-iron stove with a solid and elegant pan that slides in and out easily and effortlessly. The Morsø 8142 can retain and distribute heat in interiors measuring up to 120 sq. m. The stoves are made of a select cast-iron quality of impressive strength that prevents buckling and ensures the stove remains airtight. The strong material is particularly suitable for emitting heat as it retains the heat for longer, producing an even and comfortable warmth.
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    Picture of 8143 Wood Stove with Log Storage

    8143 Wood Stove with Log Storage

    MORSØ 8143 WITH LOG STORAGE MORSØ 8143 IS FITTED WITH A PRACTICAL LOG STORAGE THAT PLACES THE FIRE WOOD LOGS RIGHT ON HAND. Morsø wood burning stove 8143 is a variant of the 8100 series. Morsø 8143 is fitted with a practical log storage that places the fire wood logs right on hand.
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